Sam - Sameer Ansari

Sam - Sameer Ansari

(Last updated in 2014)
Hi there, I am a student at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute pursuing a Master's of Science in Robotics Systems Development, with planned graduation date Dec 2014.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BSME and a BSCS, specializing in Modeling/Simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

I love building robots, designing their minds, and developing large-scale distributed simulations and services, especially on the cloud. I'm certain that the future of robotics and drone technologies involves cloud-based intelligence augmenting the physical robot as much as smartphones are augmenting humans, and I am actively researching ways to merge these fields.

I have interned at Google, SpaceX, and Amazon, which has given me a broad range of experience in designing and developing code that is extremely simple, reliable, and scalable.

I've designed the Climate Cloud Configurator (C3) prototype service automating configuration and deployment of Community Earth System Model (CESM) simulations on the Amazon EC2 Cloud, that is part of a published article in IEEE Computer Society.

I was accepted to go to the SuperComputing 2012 conference Nov '12 as one of 25 undergraduates selected for The Experiencing HPC for Undergraduates program, in part due to my academic coursework in HPC where I developed simulation code in C and Cuda to run on Georgia Tech's Jinx supercomputing cluster with NVIDIA Fermi graphics cards. I was also the only undergraduate ambassador for Georgia Tech at the conference.

I was accepted to attend NYU Abu Dhabi Hackathon as the international representative for Carnegie Mellon. Our team WellSense won 3rd place in the 2-day hackathon for building a cost-effective software & hardware water-well pump monitoring system that costs $30 instead of the $860 solution currently in place.

Publications & Presentions

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